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Technical Sessions 2017

Technical Sessions :


Full program of the Technical Sessions is available here:

Technical Session - Full Program

Technical Sessions – Full Program

Open until July 31st 2017 (extended Deadline)

During the conference, half a day will be dedicated to technical presentations: you will have the opportunity to present your work to a small group of participants (~ 30) for 20 minutes. This presentation will be a power point presentation.


All experience levels are welcome for both Technical Presentations and EPiC!  Moreover, there is a large variety of themes and no fee to submit your summary. It should be well structured and address topics within one of the eight themes (see below). Abstracts should contain no more than 400 words and a maximum of five keywords.
Download the template: ATOMS2017_Abstract_Template

Selection Process

A scientific reviewing committee has been put together and will decide which applications will be taken forward and scheduled into the conference as an oral session. The successful presenters will be notified and a final version of the schedule will be made available for download in .pdf format before the conference.
When noticed, you can register for the conference and safe the date.
You have until september 30th 2017 to submit your PowerPoint Presentation. You can send it directly to the organisation team.

EPIC Challenge :

For those who are eager for a greater challenge, Atoms for the Future 2017 will also organize the “Atoms 2017’s Elevator Pitch Challenge (EPiC)”: applicants will have no more than 180 seconds to present their work, after which participants will vote for the best presentation and the winner will get an astonishing prize!


Topics of the 2017 Atoms for the future Technical Presentation and EPiC :

  • Operation & maintenance: optimisation, performance & reliability management, introduction of new technology
  • Plant lifetime management: water chemistry, corrosion, radiation safety, materials & structures …
  • New build: project management, innovation & challenges
  • Advanced reactors: Generation IV Reactors, SMR, Fusion
  • Human factors, training & skills
  • Energy, strategy & Economic challenges
  • Environment & economic challenges
  • Nuclear Safety & Environmental Protection
  • Nuclear fuel
  • Reactor physics: Neutronics, Thermal Hydraulics, Materials
  • Decommissioning & Waste Management

Contact :

Any questions related to the Technical sessions or EPIC Challenge? You may contact directly the organisation Team at this adresse : conferences@sfenjg.org.


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