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2014 edition

“Atoms for the Future” event was held in October 2014 and aimed at providing a wide overview of the process leading to the construction of new Nuclear Power Plants..

The program included two days of high level lectures in Paris. They were followed by the visits of AREVA facilities in Chalon area (Saint-Marcel and Creusot Forge) and EDF Flamanville 3 EPR construction site. Find here the complete program of the event : AtomsfortheFuture_Program2014.

Trailer of Atoms for the Future 2014


Atoms for the Future 2014 was supported by:

AREVA, EDF, CEA, Rolls-Royce, Nuvia, Assystem, ATMEA and Energy Power Lab

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Dominique Minière, SFEN, Opening Session

Anne-Marie Choho, AREVA, Renaissance of the nuclear industry

Sophie Mourlon, ASN, Regulatory requirements for Gen3 NPPs

Christophe Béhar, CEA, Construction of research reactors for Gen 3 & Gen 4 reactors development

Thomas Koshy, IAEA, Nuclear Power Reactor Technologies Construction & Operation

Tarik Choho, AREVA, Round Table – The new constructions

Tony Ward, EY, Round Table – The new constructions

Christian Raetzke, CONLAR, Licensing Process for International Projects

Ted Lindquist, Association of Swedish Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities, National Debate and Public Confidence in Sweden

Dominique Lanchet, AREVA, Nuclear Island Design: from conceptual design to Project execution

Joseph Dupuis, SOFINEL, Design adaptation to the local context – Example of the UK EPR

Emmanuel Viallet, EDF, Adapting standards to the site – Example of Seismic Base Isolation

Antoine Ménager, EDF, Site Management

Guillaume Chaud, ENYGF 2015 in Paris (France)

Olivier Mandement, Alstom, Design, Licensing and Construction of the Turbine Island

Christophe Portenseigne, Bouygues, Civil works for NPPs construction

Georges Mateo, AREVA, Commissioning of Nuclear Power Plants – The AREVA approach


Here is an article about Atoms for the Future 2014 (French) : www.sfen.org/fr/le-blog-des-energies/atoms-future-les-ingredients-du-succes


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