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2013 edition

“Atoms for the Future” was held in October 2013 and aimed at providing a wide overview of the interactions and environment between the Nuclear Energy and the Power Grid.

The program included the visits of RTE national dispatching center and EDF Dampierre Nuclear Power Plant. These visits were followed by two days of high level lectures in Paris.

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Dominique Minière, EDF, Opening Session

Anne-Marie Choho, AREVA, Major Innovations in PWR Load Follow Operations by AREVA

Brian Cowell, EDF Energy, Loss of Off Site Power An Operator’s Perspective

Michael Fuchs, E.ON, Load follow from operator point of view

Philippe Anglaret, Alstom, The Turbine Island

Christophe Béhar, CEA, Technological Breakthroughs and Electricity of Tomorrow

Hervé Mignon, RTE, Generation Adequacy Report on the electricity supply-demand balance in France

Jean-Baptiste Thomas, CEA, The nuclear fleet a decisive enabler to integrate a share of renewables

Cédric Philibert, IEA, Renewables challenges and opportunities for the power grid

Gilles Mathonniere, CEA, Technical and Economic aspects of Future Nuclear on the horizon 2100

Hadid Subki, IAEA, Small Modular Reactors and their use for specific power grids

Johannes Kindler, The German power grid and its impact on France and the single European energy market

Jean-Baptiste Galland, ErDF, Smart Grids and local generation

Jean-Yves Ollier, CRE, Market price of electricity

Ron Cameron, OECD, The impacts of nuclear energy and renewables on network costs

Yves Giraud, EDF, What future for the different electricity sources

Nicolas Anciaux, IYNC 2014 in Burgos (Spain)

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