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2012 edition

“Atoms for the Future” was held in October 2012 and aimed at providing a wide overview of the daily life of Nuclear Power Plants. Both technical and human factors were discussed, such as site organization, relations between the site and external parties, outage management, heavy components replacement, fuel in NPPs or R&D support.

The program included the visits of AREVA facilities in Chalon area (Saint-Marcel and Creusot Forge) and EDF Nogent Nuclear Power Plant. These visits were followed by two days of high level lectures in Paris. Find here the complete program of the event : AtomsfortheFuture_Program2012.



Luc Oursel, AREVA, Introduction

Eric Maucort, EDF, Objectives and Challenges of an Industry

Siegfried Wegerer, E.ON, Site Organisation of Nuclear Power Plants

Christophe Béhar, CEA, CEA activities supporting the operating fleet of NPPs

Steven Lau, CGNPC, Daya Bay Outage Management

Markus Birkhofer, AREVA, The importance of the Fuel Design

Luc Vanhoenacker, Tractebel Engineering, Belgian experience in steam generator replacement and power uprate projects

Jean-Michel Moroni, EDF, Extension to 60 years lifetime

Pascal Yvon, CEA, Role of materials for lifetime extension

Stéphane Sarrade, Industrial Chair ParisTech “Nuclear Engineering” for all compartments of nuclear industry

Claude Jaouen, AREVA, Plants Safety and Profitability : Focus on the Installed Base Solutions

Patrick Dumaz, CEA, R&D at CEA in support of safety

Takashi Kanagawa, ATMEA, Operability of Generation III NPPs

Conrad Dubé, WANO, Human Performance and Safety Culture

André-Claude Lacoste, ASN, The role of Nuclear Safety Authorities

Jacques Repussard, IRSN, Radiological impacts of French nuclear installations on workers and nearby population

Denis Janin, ENYGF 2013 in Stockholm (Sweden)

Yves Lheureux, ANCCLI, National Association of Commitees and Commission of Information

EDF, Relations between EDF NPPs and external Parties

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