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2010 edition

The very first edition of “Atoms for the Future” event was held in October 2010 and aimed at providing a wide overview of the history and issues of the worldwide development of nuclear reactors.

The program included the visits of AREVA facilities in Chalon area (Saint-Marcel, CEDEM, CETIC), CEA Saclay installations (OSIRIS and ORPHEE reactors) and Tihange Nuclear Power Plant (Belgium). These visits were followed by two days of high level lectures in Paris. Find here the complete program of the event : AtomsfortheFuture_Program2010.

Luc Oursel, AREVA, Opening Session

Bertrand Barré, AREVA, History of reactors

Martin Taylor, OECD, Overview of Reactors Technologies

Laurent Stricker, WANO, First & Second Generation Reactors

Serge Powis & Antoine Battaglia, GDF SUEZ, Safety Experience from a nuclear operator

Jacques Rouault, CEA, Generation IV

Fabien Feron, ASN, Harmonisation in Safety

Olivier Lamarre, EDF, International nuclear developments

Albane Godard, IAEA, Opportunities at the IAEA

Jose Bastos, IAEA, Role for Embarking Countries

Ondrej Zlamal, ENYGF 2011 in Prague (Czech Republic)

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