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Sessions of workshops have been organized during the event, lasting from 1.5hours to 3hours. The goal is to create interactive sessions with a small group of participants (up to 30).

Game, Brainstorming, Creation … will 2018’s workshop programs

2 workshops will happened during Atoms For the Future 2018 – 4th GIF Symposium


WORKSHOP 1 : Parler du nucléaire

Le nucléaire est un sujet polémique et méconnu. En parler nécessite d’avoir une vue d’ensemble des différentes problématiques. Souvent, une bonne connaissance technique et scientifique ne suffit pas, comment pallier à cette situation ?

Language : French

Schedule : Tuesday, 16 Afternoon

Room : 303

Up to 15 participants/session


WORKSHOP 2 : The Climate Frescoe

The Climate Fresco is a fun and interactive workshop on climate change. This workshop sheds light on the complexity of climate change and provides a key to understanding it.
The introduction to this educational workshop will take 3 hours and is based on collective intelligence. It is designed for  both novices and experts and will focus on how climate functions and the consequences of its disruption. Participants will learn a good deal, in a short period of time, about the climate and link causes and effects between the different components of climate change.

What’s the objective? Raise awareness to climate change through play!

Language : English

Schedule : Wednesday, 17 morning

Room : 303

Up to 30 participants


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