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Technical Visits

Technical visits (optionnal) are organised on

October, 18th 2018

You will have the choice between:

  • ORANO : La Hague: retreatment facility in Normandy
  • EDF : Superphénix, 1200 MW fast breeder currently being dismantled (TBC)
  • ITER : Construction site at Cadarache, will be the first fusion reactor to produce net energy

Please check your Train Tickets!

See below for train information. (available soon)

Important: For the technical visits, the organization team does NOT provide train tickets.


Orano La Hague

About ORANO / La Hague site


The La Hague site is a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant at La Hague on the Cotentin Peninsula in northern France. Operated by Areva NC, formerly COGEMA (Compagnie générale des matières atomiques), La Hague has nearly half of the world’s light water reactor spent nuclear fuel reprocessing capacity. It has been in operation since 1976, and has a capacity of about 1700 tonnes per year. It extracts plutonium which is then recycled into MOX fuel at the Marcoule site.

It has treated spent nuclear fuel from France, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. It processed 1100 tonnes in 2005. The non-recyclable part of the radioactive waste is eventually sent back to the user nation. Prior to 2015, more than 32,000 tonnes of spent nuclear fuel has been reprocessed, with 70% of that from France, 17% from Germany and 9% from Japan.


Indicative program of the visit

available soon

General conditions
Deadline for registration: available soon
Access will be denied for pregnant women, visitor under 18.

Transportation information

available soon


EDF : Superphénix

About EDF / Superphénix




Indicative program of the visit

09:45 Arrival at Superphénix Public Information Center, access formalities
10:00 Presentation of EDF and Superphénix
12:00 Lunch at the canteen
13:45 Site tour
16:30 Back to Public Information Center, exit formalities
16:45 End of the visit[/ezcol_1half_end]

General conditions
Deadline for registration: 30th of September

32 first to register will be selected for the visit

Transportation information
available soon

ITER Project

About ITER

The ITER Project is currently under construction on a 180-hectare site in southern France. Thirty-nine buildings and technical areas will house the ITER Tokamak and its plant systems. The heart of the facility – the Tokamak Building – is a seven-storey structure in reinforced concrete that will sit 13 metres below the platform level and 60 metres above. Pre-assembly of Tokamak components will take place in the adjacent Assembly Hall. Other auxiliary buildings in the vicinity of the Tokamak Building will include cooling towers, electrical installations, a control room, facilities for the management of waste, and the cryogenics plant that will provide liquid helium to cool the ITER magnets.

Europe, as part of its commitments to the project, is building nearly all of the platform buildings and site infrastructure. An estimated 2,300 workers will participate in the construction of the ITER scientific facility. Over the next years each building, as it becomes ready for occupation, will be handed over to the ITER Organization for the start of assembly works.

The successful integration and assembly of over one million components (ten million parts), built in the ITER Members’ factories around the world and delivered to the ITER site constitutes a tremendous logistics and engineering challenge. An assembly workforce of approximately 2,000 people will be needed at the height of assembly activities.

Indicative program of the visit

10:00 Arrival at ITER Visitor Centre and morning coffee
10:30 Presentation of the ITER project / Q&A
12:00 Virtual Reality Room
13:00 Lunch at the canteen
14:15 Worksite tour
16:30 Back to Entrance – End of the visit

General conditions
Deadline for registration: available soon

Access informations : For Schengen Area Citizen, the ID Card number can replace the Passport number.

Your luggage may be stored on ITER site during the visits.

Transportation information

available soon



Train information

available soon

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