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Rio has a little secret. They’re called shantytowns and they’re infested with violent crime and drug gangs. Tourists flock to the city nightclubs and beaches that are hot but they’re warned to steer clear of the regions that surround this city. As a former FBI Counterintelligence Agent, I am worried about the national security dangers raised by the U.S. diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks. As a proponent of social justice I am alerted by the row glimpse they provide of the efforts in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics.

The Wikileaks cables make it clear that U.S. diplomats in Rio de Janeiro are worried about the 2016 Olympics-but not for the reasons normally associated with international athletic events. We’ve become conscious of the need for security measures. Diplomatic cables between nations participating in such events are routine-except the messages coming from the U.S. diplomatic corps in Rio de Janeiro are not worried about acts of terrorism throughout the 2016 Olympics.

Instead, they Speculate on Rio will maintain the image of a playground for tourists away from violence and the crime.


Never have two worlds collided in such contrast. The publicity brochures of Rio feature a playground of amazing people in trendy cafes, kids laughing and playing on the shores, and svelte models wearing white swimsuits while drifting along breathtaking boulevards with exotic names. Above the luxury and Prosperity of the Rio that Brazil wants the world is a war zone of slums. These shantytowns are called faceless. They lack an education system for their children and, until recently, hardly any police protection. Although favelas have existed for years, it looks like the authorities have been prompted by the 2016 Olympics.

According to the Cables, the Pacification Police Unit UPP established a program one year ago in four of the smaller slums. They began providing services and‘ve eliminated drug trafficking. Since the climate is more protected the inhabitants of the slums support the UPP presence. There are homicides because the coming of the UPP

This is the actual story is that there are over one thousand favelas slum areas in Rio. The work has just started. A slum called Dona Marta is currently receiving plenty of attention. The shantytown climbs a steep hill directly above the Botafogo region of Rio’s affluent South Zone. The maze of improvised plywood and brick buildings spread along twisting and narrow paths is Moon jae in to 15,000 residents. The was occupied by the UPP Dona Marta favelas in December 2008 The Pacification Program version, resembling U.S. counterinsurgency doctrine, is that: clear, hold, and build the residents were advised that the UPP were coming in and coming to stay The wires indicate the gang leader who dominated the slum was detained and that gang members fled. His house, in actuality, was turned into a police station.