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2018 Edition

Save the date for Atoms for the Future 2018 !

October 16th to October 18th in Paris


In association with the GenIV International Forum (GIF)

For the 2018 edition, “Atoms for the Future” and the GIF associate to present the issues and opportunities of the nuclear industry: new fuels cycles, new economics, new technologies, new safety and societal issues, resources and other environmental concerns will be explored during this 8th edition of Atoms for the Future.

From October 16th to October 18th 2018, you will have the opportunity to attend high level lectures, technical sessions prepared by young professionals, PhD or master students, technical visits and networking events.

Atoms for the Future & GIF

Atoms for the Future & GIF

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…about Atoms For The Future

Atoms for the Future is the annual event organized in Paris by the French Nuclear Society Young Generation Network.

This group gathers about 400 students and young professionals around the same passion for nuclear energy.

Several actions to improve our general knowledge on nuclear and develop our network are carried such as top management interviews, presentation of the nuclear industry in schools, casual meetings, exhanges with international networks… Among our actions, the organization of Atoms for the Future is key. Since 2010, it gathers students and young professionals from the nuclear industry coming from all over the world.



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About GIF

The Generation IV International Forum (GIF) is a co-operative international endeavour which was set up to carry out the research and development needed to establish the feasibility and performance capabilities of the next generation nuclear energy systems. The Generation IV International Forum has fourteen Members which are signatories of its founding document, the GIF Charter. The …

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Overall Program

The 8th edition of Atoms For the Future and GIF Symposium 2018 will be oriented to GEN 4 technology. A detailled programm of the plenary session is available here. Technical sessions will address various topical areas dealing with GEN-4 systems and other technologies in order to share experience and knowledge between the participants working on …

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Plenary Sessions

Plenary 1: 16th October morning Main room 09:30- 12:30 Welcome William Magwood, Director-General of the Nuclear Energy Agency of the OECD. Opening François Fauché, Elected Chair of the GIF policy Group in April 2016. He is a Director of the Nuclear Energy Division at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). Martin Boissavit, …

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Social Event

Let’s be less formal.. Where is it? This year, Atoms for The Future, The GIF and I2EN offers you a convivial moment at The Bureau. 28 cours Albert Ier, 75008 Paris, or HERE ! When is it? The social event will happen on Tuesday, the 16th October from 7:30pm.      

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Technical Sessions

CALL FOR ABSTRACT IS NOW OPEN Deadline for GEN 4 Systems (GIF) :  31st of March – Closed Deadline for Atoms For The Future’s Abstract submission (SMR, current fleet, fuel cycle, under dismantling, GEN3+) :  31st of August Deadline for EPiC submission  :  31st of September GEN3+, SMR, Fusion, Reactors under operation: safety, licensing, construction, …

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Technical Visits

Technical visits (optionnal) are organised on October, 18th 2018 You will have the choice between: ORANO : La Hague: retreatment facility in Normandy EDF : Superphénix, 1200 MW fast breeder currently being dismantled (TBC) ITER : Construction site at Cadarache, will be the first fusion reactor to produce net energy Please check your Train Tickets! …

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Three sessions of workshops have been organized during the event, lasting from 1.5hours to 3hours. The goal is to create interactive sessions with a small group of participants (up to 30). Game, Brainstorming, Creation … will 2018’s workshop programs 3 workshops will happened during Atoms For the Future 2018 – 4th GIF Symposium   WORKSHOP …

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